Symposium: Native-level language teaching to support pupils’ bilingualism in national languages in Finland

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In officially bilingual Finland, the Finnish and Swedish language groups have their own educational paths, where the other national language is an obligatory school subject. In the national curriculum, the Finnish/Swedish as second national language is divided into different syllabi depending on the level and starting grade. One of them is a native-level language syllabus meant for Finnish-Swedish bilingual pupils, i.e., native-level Finnish in Swedish-medium schools and native-level Swedish in Finnish-medium schools.

The aim of our symposium is to increase the theoretical underpinnings and practical implications of Swedish respectively Finnish as second national language subjects in native-level language didactics. We discuss the native-level language education from the viewpoints of the curriculum, teachers, and pupils. The findings contribute to develop Finnish versus Swedish as second national language subjects as well as to present educational approaches for language teaching of bilinguals in other contexts.


Chair: Siv Björklund, Åbo Akademi University
Paper 1: Katri Hansell (ÅAU), Sanna Heittola (HU), Sofie Henricson (HU), Annika Lassus (ÅAU) & Michaela Pörn (ÅAU) - Native-level language syllabi in Finnish and Swedish as second national languages: a curriculum study
Paper 2: Katri Hansell (ÅAU), Michaela Pörn (ÅAU), Ida Rebers (ÅAU) - Native-level language teaching as a path towards bilingual competence: A study from pupils’ perspective
Paper 3: Siv Björklund (ÅAU), Sanna Heittola (HU), Sofie Henricson (HU), Raili Hilden (HU) & Hanna Lehti-Eklund (HU) - Teacher perspectives on native-level Swedish language didactics: Swedish as first language for bilingual pupils in Finnish-medium schools
Period10 maj 2023
HändelsetitelNoFa9 – The 9th Nordic Conference on Subject Education: NoFa9
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsVasa, FinlandVisa på karta