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IncludeME II aims to roll out an educational programme that will empower higher educators, media, civil society organisations, and students to become responsible and active collaborators in shaping the future of informing and reporting so that it contributes to inclusion, participation, and peace-building across Europe. INCLUDE ME II will boost participation and civic engagement by raising awareness of and understanding of the European Union context, and values, the principles of unity and diversity, through providing new methods of media content reasoning and creation, even to the extent of peacebuilding and recovery purposes. The project will stimulate innovative learning and teaching practices through the development, testing, and implementation of flexible learning pathways and modular course design (part-time, online, or blended) and appropriate forms of assessment. It will also provide collaborative online international learning, research-based learning and blended intensive programmes
Todellinen alku/loppupvm01/12/2331/05/26


  • Åbo Akademi (johto)
  • University of Barcelona (Projektin osapuoli)
  • International European University (Projektin osapuoli)
  • European E-learning Institute (Projektin osapuoli)
  • Momentum Marketing Services Limited (Projektin osapuoli)
  • Outside Media & Knowledge (Projektin osapuoli)
  • Eucen (Projektin osapuoli)
  • TC Tuzla Kaymakamligi (Projektin osapuoli)


  • Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership