Embodied learning in language learning and teaching practices: A systematic literature review

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The notion of embodied learning has gained ground in educational sciences during the last decade and made its way to language education with researchers acknowledging language processing as embodied processes. An increasing body of language research draws on embodied and distributed cognition to recognize that cognitive capacities are not individual competencies but produced embedded in social practice and interactions between people and material contexts (Atkinson, 2010). The paper presents a systematic literature review whose aim is to aggregate and review empirical research, published from 1990 to 2020, using embodied learning approaches in language learning and teaching practices. The review is conducted within the research project Embodied Language Learning through the Arts (ELLA; 2021–2024). Drawing on theories that acknowledge the mind-body connection in learning and language, the review focuses on embodied learning approaches in first language, second language, and foreign language educational practices at various educational levels. The review investigates: (1) What characterizes embodied learning in language learning and teaching practices?; (2) In what learning and teaching activities are embodied learning approaches used in language learning and teaching practices?; and (3) What are the empirical results in studies using embodied learning approaches in language learning and teaching practices?
The review included 38 studies that were mainly focused to the 2010’s with a majority published between 2015–2020, suggesting that this line of research is currently rapidly increasing. The included studies were divided into two larger strands: embodied learning in naturally occurring language classroom interaction and embodied learning through orchestrating embodied learning and teaching in educational practices. The presentation presents the results from the thematic and narrative synthesis (Booth et al., 2016), especially discussing the results from studies conducted in L1 educational contexts, and provides an account of what is what is empirically established and what remains unexplored.
Aikajakso15 kesäk. 2022
Tapahtuman otsikkoThe 13th Conference of International Association for Research in L1 Education
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