High-performance geoscientific computing in multi-scale mineral potential studies, Academy of Finland



A central task in mine site evaluation and mineral potential 3D studies is to collect multi-scale data and then use inverse methods to infer the location and extent of commercially interesting mineral deposits. Such data is for example
geophysical data measured from the air, at ground surface and along drill holes, geological cross sections and maps, drill core logs and geochemical data. In this project we aim to collect all measured and inferred data in mineral exploration
to a unified model using the concept of Common Earth Model (CEM) by utilizing high performance computing in geomodelling of heterogeneous areas where limitations of computing power have previously prevented detailed CEM grids
and the use of all available information simultaneously.


Mineral deposits are modeled using high performance computing
Kort titelHigh-performance geoscientific computing
Gällande start-/slutdatum01/09/1531/07/19


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