A Coupled CFD-DEM Study on the Effect of Basset Force Aimed at the Motion of a Single Bubble

Huiting Chen*, Weitian Ding, Han Wei, Henrik Saxén, Yaowei Yu

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The physical meaning of Basset force is first studied via polynomial approximation and the Fourier series representation method. After compiling the Basset force into the coupling interface with Visual C, a dynamic mathematical model is set up to describe the upward motion behavior of a single bubble by adopting the CFD-DEM method. Afterwards, the coupling interface with Basset force proposed in this study is verified experimentally and shows very good agreements. The initial velocity, releasing depth, bubble size, density ratio and viscosity ratio are studied qualitatively due to their great importance to Basset force. The ratio of Basset force to the sum of Basset force and drag force and to buoyancy, F→Ba/(F→D+F→Ba) and |F→Ba/F→B|, are employed to quantify the contribution of Basset force quantitatively. In addition, some instructive outlooks and recommendations on a further development of appropriate and justifiable use of Basset force are highlighted at last.
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StatusPublicerad - 8 aug. 2022
MoE-publikationstypA1 Tidskriftsartikel-refererad


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