Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamic Properties of Selected Compounds in the Ag–Ga–S–AgBr System

  • Tesfaye, F. (Talare)
  • Mykola Moroz (Medverkande)
  • Hupa, L. (Medverkande)
  • Daniel Lindberg (Medverkande)
  • Pavlo Demchenko (Medverkande)
  • Myroslava Prokhorenko (Medverkande)
  • Bohdan Rudyk (Medverkande)
  • Orest Pereviznyk (Medverkande)
  • Emanuela Mastronardo (Talare)
  • Oleksandr Reshetnyak (Medverkande)

Aktivitet: Tal eller presentationKonferenspresentation


The phase equilibria of the Ag–Ga–S–AgBr system in the part Ag2S–GaS–Ga2S5–AgBr–Ag2S (I) below 600 K were investigated by the modified electromotive force (EMF) method with the participation of the Ag+ catalyst. Division of the system in the part (I) was carried out with the participation of the following compounds GaS, Ga2S3, Ga2S5, AgBr, Ag3SBr, Ag3Ga2S4Br, and Ag27Ga2S12Br. Reactions were performed by applying electrochemical cells (ECCs) with the structure: (−) С |∙| Ag |∙| SЕ |∙| R(Ag+) |∙| PЕ |∙| С (+), where C is the inert electrode (graphite), Ag is the negative (left) electrode, SE is the solid-state electrolyte, PE is the positive (right) electrode, R(Ag+) is the region of Ag+ diffusion into PE. The measured EMF vs temperature values of ECCs were used to calculate the standard thermodynamic functions of compounds Ga2S5, AgBr, Ag3SBr, Ag3Ga2S4Br, and Ag27Ga2S12Br.
Period4 mars 2024
Händelsetitel2024 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Energy Technologies and CO2 Management
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsOrlando, USA, FloridaVisa på karta