Valokuva Camilla Hambro
1992 …2022

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Camilla Hambro has a PhD in Musicology from the University of Gothenburg (2008) on Agathe Backer Grøndahl, gender, genre and her position in Norwegian musical life. From 2009 she held a post-doc position at the University of Stockholm (funded by the Swedish Research Council): Gender and canonisity in Scandinavian Music History 1890-1920. Canon transformation of women and men's music at the dawn of the Women's Century. Since 2011 she works as a University teacher in musicology at Åbo Akademi. Hambro has extensive formal music and drama pedagogical training as a music and drama teacher for secondary school and for university. She has a long, substantial and broad teaching record across different levels, most notably in higher education. She is engaged in interdisciplinary research (gender, philosophy) and an active and established scholar within the musicological community. Her project experience is broad. Her teaching and publications focus on music theory, music history, music analysis and gender. During her academic career, Hambro’s research has consistently revolved around the works of women composers, with a central focus on the 19th century. Her research interests extend to opera, ballet, Nordic music and film music in the first half of the 20th century. She is an active musicologist with numerous National and International conference presentations and substantial project experience. Her latest major publication is a biography on Laura Netzel, funded by the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm. It led to close cooperation with several musicians performing Netzel's music on CD, concert and web. In collaboration with Den Andra Operan, Vadstena Academy, Confidencen and Damkapellet, she recently was involved in arranging the opera initiative Hela historien at Confidencen in Solna (Sweden). The event included concerts, seminars and lectures on operas composed by women 1625–1909. Recently, she became part of the board of a project group with a startup grant planning the development of a new Repertoire Bank containing works by Nordic women composers. She is also part the advisory board for The Swedish Association of Women Composers (Kvinnlig Anhopning av Svenska Tonsättare – KVAST), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness for women composers and promote the performance of their music.

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