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Debopam Das

University Lecturer, English Language and Literature, Åbo Akademi University


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    I am a linguist, specializing in discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, and lexicography. My research primarily concentrates on topics in discourse and pragmatics, such as discourse relations (i.e., relations between propositions or speech acts) and discourse signals (e.g., discourse connective if for Condition relations). In my PhD dissertation, I investigated how discourse relations are indicated by a wide variety of signals (such as lexical, semantic, syntactic, and genre features, in addition to discourse connectives). The project also produced a corpus of discourse signals, called the RST Signalling Corpus. In the past, I worked in areas such as sentiment analysis, discourse parsing and lexicography (bilingual and multilingual dictionaries). Furthermore, I contributed to compiling both encyclopaedic and discipline-specific bilingual dictionaries. More recently, I have worked on developing NLP resources such as lexicons of discourse connectives in English and Bangla. Presently, I and my colleague Dr. Markus Egg are investigating the role of continuity or discontinuity (along dimensions like time, space, action, modality, or speech act) in the interpretation discourse relations.

    Topics of interests

    • Discourse analysis: explicit and implicit discourse Relations, signalling in discourse, continuity in discourse, discourse parsing, sentiment analysis
    • Corpus linguistics: corpus annotation, corpus development, annotation evaluation
    • Lexicography: discourse connective lexicons, bilingual dictionaries, translation of technical terms

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    Utbildning / akademisk kvalifikation

    Fil. Dr., Linguistics, Simon Fraser University


    Magister, Linguistics, University of Calcutta


    Fil. kand., English, University of Calcutta


    Externa befattningar

    Postdoc, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

    1 aug. 201828 feb. 2023

    Postdoc, University of Potsdam

    1 okt. 201631 dec. 2018

    Teaching/Research Assistant, Simon Fraser University

    1 sep. 200931 dec. 2014

    Researcher, The Asiatic Society

    1 jan. 200931 juli 2009

    Researcher, University of Calcutta

    1 aug. 200731 dec. 2008


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