Sprachideologien der Linguistik im Wandel? Die Fachdebatte über Frauensprache 1978/79

Aktivitet: Tal eller presentationKonferenspresentation


In my talk I analyse changing language ideologies in German linguistics using the example of the debate on women’s language in the linguistic journal Linguistische Berichte in 1978 and 1979. My argument is that research insight on language and gender were marginalised in German linguistics because they were seen to challenge or even threaten contemporary self-evident assumptions about what language is and about the role of linguistics. In the analysed debate, Hartwig Kalverkämper defended structuralist and descriptivist linguistic ideologies. This is especially interesting because the contribution by Selma Trömel-Plötz that he reacted to can be said to exhibit the same kind of ideological perspective. Only in a defence of Trömel-Plötz’ position did Luise Pusch introduce a change in linguistic ideologies towards a pragmatic view of language.
Period18 juli 2023
EvenemangstitelAILA International Association of Applied Linguistics 2023 World congress
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsLyon, FrankrikeVisa på karta