Kicking off the work. Meeting and presentations in Tallinn, 26-27 May 2019

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On the morning of 27 May members of the project team presented the project overall and the work packages within it to an audience of researchers and practitioners largely based in Estonia. Three Associated Partners (APs) on the project were represented: the Estonian Road Museum; (the free-public-transport activist group based in Sweden) and the South-West Finland Association for Mental Health. Click on the links in the text below to learn more about the institutions participating in PUTSPACE.

The morning’s presentations revealed connections and commonalities that had only been implicit when the project proposal was being drafted and edited. Tauri Tuvikene, the project leader, from Tallinn University’s School of Humanities, began by considering public space as something both ideal and actual. Something that is a pubic space for one person might not be for another; meanwhile, public space exists in a Habermasian sense as a zone of free and equal exchange of ideas between citizens. Public spaces are the focus of the overall HERA programme within which PUTSPACE is one of twenty funded programmes. He mentioned some of the existing research developing social and humanized views of public transport (PT) experience on which PUTSPACE builds, including David Bissell’s Transit Life (2018). Finally, Tauri laid out the broad distinctions between the three work packages, WP1 being essentially historical and textual in orientation, WP2 concerned with elements and assemblages of PT and WP3 with processes of cities’ use of PT in a process of Europeanization. The research dimensions of the project thus encompass histories (highlighted in WP1), political contestations (central to WP2) and user practices (the heart of WP3), while all three WPs touch on and enter the areas perhaps more central to one of the other packages.

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