Data from: Effects of working-memory training on striatal dopamine release

  • Lars Backman (Luoja)
  • Lars Nyberg (Luoja)
  • Anna Soveri (Luoja)
  • Jarkko Johansson (Luoja)
  • Micael Andersson (Luoja)
  • Erika Dahlin (Luoja)
  • Anna Stigsdotter Neely (Luoja)
  • Jere Virta (Luoja)
  • Matti Laine (Luoja)
  • Juha O. Rinne (Luoja)



Updating of working memory has been associated with striato-frontal brain regions and phasic dopaminergic neurotransmission. We assessed raclopride binding to striatal dopamine (DA) D2 receptors during a letter-updating task and a control condition before and after 5 weeks of updating training. Results showed that updating affected DA activity before training and that training further increased striatal DA release during updating. These findings highlight the pivotal role of transient neural processes associated with D2 receptor activity in working memory.
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