Migration, Development and Human Rights (UniPID)



With migration rising on the global agenda, it is becoming increasingly clear that the issues of migration, development and the protection of human rights are inherently intertwined. Migration is gradually acknowledged as a key development factor both in the countries of origin and in the countries of destination, and as a significant element of the globalization process. At the same time attention is being paid to the root causes for forced migration that often have their origins in violence, extreme poverty or human rights violations. Questions of human rights are intrinsic also for the migration process and for protecting the migrants in transit and in their countries of destination.

This course aims to provide the participants with the necessary tools to understand and to discuss the nexus between migration, sustainable development and human rights at the global level. It approaches migration from development and human rights perspectives identifying and discussing critical issues in the contemporary international arena in terms of migration management. To this end, the course outlines the main legal instruments, actors and structures within the relevant fields; brings up some of the main causes for and impacts of migration from a development and human rights perspectives; and analyses key issues of coherence between the legal and institutional frameworks within the migration and development fields.
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