Using Venn diagrams in problem solving: A sequence of tasks with fractions and percentages

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/konferenshandlingKapitelVetenskapligPeer review


The use of Venn diagrams is introduced to a class of 13-year-old pupils by a sequence of tasks connected to a course in fractions and percentages. By using a teacher-guided problem sequence, the pupils are supposed to learn how to use Venn diagrams to solve problems. The sequence is designed to focus on the use of a new cognitive scheme including a new way to organize given information. The pupils are provided the possibility to think creatively, to work both in groups and individually, and also to be inspired by tasks related to real-world situations.

Titel på värdpublikationProblem Solving in the Mathematics Classroom - Perspectives and Practices from Different Countries
RedaktörerAna Kuzle, Benjamin Rott, Tatjana Hodnik Cadez
FörlagVerlag für wissenschaftliche Texte und Medien
ISBN (elektroniskt)978-3-95987-008-5
ISBN (tryckt)978-3-95987-007-8
StatusPublicerad - 2016
MoE-publikationstypA3 Del av bok eller annan forskningsbok

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