Thermodynamic examination of quaternary compounds in the Ag–Fe–(Ge, Sn)–Se systems by the solid-state EMF method

Mykola Moroz*, Fiseha Tesfaye, Pavlo Demchenko, Myroslava Prokhorenko, Bohdan Rudyk, Lyudmyla Soliak, Daniel Lindberg, Oleksandr Reshetnyak, Leena Hupa

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The equilibrium phase space of the Ag–Fe–X–Se, (X: Ge, Sn), systems in the parts Ag8XSe6–XSe–FeSe2–AgFeSe2–Ag8XSe6 consists of four quaternary-phase regions formed with the participation of low-temperature modifications of the Ag2FeGeSe4 and Ag2FeSnSe4 compounds. The kinetic barriers of the formation of equilibrium four-phase regions that are observed under conditions of vacuum ampoule synthesis below 600 K were overcome by synthesis of phases at the positive electrodes of electrochemical cells (ECCs): (−)C | Ag | SE | R (Ag+) | PE | C(+), where C is graphite, Ag is left (negative) electrode, SE is the solid-state electrolyte, PE is the right (positive) electrode, and R (Ag+) is the region of Ag+ diffusion into PE. Silver cations Ag+ that shifted from the left to the right electrode of ECCs acted as the seed centers of an equilibrium set of phases. Based on the temperature dependences of the EMF of the cells, in the temperature range 430 - 485 K, the standard thermodynamic functions of the Ag2FeGeSe4 and Ag2FeSnSe4 compounds were calculated for the first time. The observed experimental results and thermodynamic calculations are in good agreement.
Titel på värdpublikationMaterials Processing Fundamentals 2021
RedaktörerJonghyun Lee, Samuel Wagstaff, Alexandra Anderson, Fiseha Tesfaye, Guillaume Lambotte, Antoine Allanore
FörlagSpringer International Publishing
Antal sidor13
ISBN (elektroniskt)978-3-030-65253-1
ISBN (tryckt)978-3-030-65252-4
StatusPublicerad - 4 feb. 2021
MoE-publikationstypA4 Artikel i en konferenspublikation


NamnThe Minerals, Metals & Materials Series
FörlagSpringer Nature
ISSN (elektroniskt)2367-1181


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