Simulation of tuyere-raceway system in blast furnace

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    A uniform distribution of the blast is an important prerequisite of a balanced blast furnace operation, because the blast is the main source of the hot gases that are needed to preheat, reduce and melt iron ores. The supply of hot gas from the raceways is not necessarily uniform along the furnace periphery, but depends on flow resistances encountered on the individual bustle main tuyere-raceway-raceway boundary routes. A model for this system has been developed in order to study and analyse the effects of changes in tuyere parameters and boundary conditions. Variables such as the total blast volume, blast pressure, tuyere diameter and the combustion degree of injected reductants in the tuyeres can be studied. An online version of the model has also been developed to track how the conditions on the tuyere level change with time in operating blast furnaces.
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    StatusPublicerad - 2006
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    • blast furnace
    • modelling
    • raceway
    • tuyere

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