Scheduling of dynamic dataflow programs with model checking

Johan Ersfolk, Ghislain Roquier, Fareed Jokhio, Johan Lilius, Marco Mattavelli

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    The scheduling at compile-time of dynamic dataflow programs is still an open problem. This paper presents some initial results showing that scheduling of dynamic portions of CAL dataflow networks can be reduced to static scheduling by the analysis of the state space of network partitions. The CAL sub-network is converted to an equivalent Promela program and analyzed using a state analysis tool (SPIN) identifying deterministic schedules that link recurring network execution states. Therefore, the only dynamic operation of the scheduler remains the guard evaluations between states linked by the obtained deterministic schedules. Experiments show that the number of operations employed by dynamic schedulers is largely reduced when the schedules extracted by the state analysis are employed.
    Titel på värdpublikationSignal Processing Systems (SiPS), 2011 IEEE Workshop on
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    ISBN (tryckt)978-1-4577-1920-2
    StatusPublicerad - 2011
    MoE-publikationstypA4 Artikel i en konferenspublikation
    EvenemangIEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS) - IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS), 2011
    Varaktighet: 4 okt. 20117 okt. 2011


    KonferensIEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS)


    • Dataflow programming
    • MPEG-4 decoder
    • model checking

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