Scandinavian creation theology—A constellation open to a variety of interpretations

Översatt titel: Skandinavisk skapelseteologi - en konstellation öppen mot en variation av tolkningar

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    This text is a general introduction to Scandinavian creation theology, both from a historical and systematic point of view. The concept is connected to a loose network of theologians that emerged during the second part of the 20th century in the aftermath of the breakdown of the grand liberal paradigm, and as a critique against dominant anti-liberal approaches in Protestant theology. In this article, Scandinavian creation theology is conceived as a “constellation” of three major “founding figures”—K. E. Løgstrup (1905–1981), Regin Prenter (1907–1990), and Gustaf Wingren (1910–2000)—who elaborated on a reconfiguration of Reformation theology by a “mediation” of Luther's theology inspired by the important Danish theologian N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783–1882). Using the doctrine of creation as horizon of understanding for the Christian faith, an original affirmation of ordinary life shared by all human beings is taken as a theological starting point, instead of attempting to isolate something distinctively Christian. Inspired by Irenaeus’ concept “recapitulatio,” it is claimed that becoming a Christian means nothing less—and nothing more—than becoming human again. Finally, despite the fact that this theological approach was developed in a declining monolithic Lutheran majority-culture, it is being argued that the ongoing transformation associated with an emerging post-Constantinian era is something that makes Scandinavian creation theology increasingly relevant and important today.

    Översatt titelSkandinavisk skapelseteologi - en konstellation öppen mot en variation av tolkningar
    Sidor (från-till)130-136
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    StatusPublicerad - juni 2021
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