Reclaiming sexual health: Unscripted sexual practices of men having sex with men after prostate cancer treatment as ways to comfort and wellbeing in everyday life

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Background: Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. Treatments affect the body and the sexuality. Men having sex with men (MSM) report stronger influence on sexuality and quality of life.
Aim: The purpose of the study was to describe the sexual health of MSM after prostate cancer treatment.
Methods: Semi-structured interviews related to symptoms and issues, and the help received. Interviews were analyzed using content analysis.
Results: The following themes emerged during the analysis: A predominant heteronormative care, Unscripted sexualities, A window of peer support system emerged. The men described how their sexuality had been affected and hampered by the treatments they had received with bodily changes and less pleasure. However, they also described the benefit of being MSM, being accustomed to exploring new ways of expressing and exploring their sexualities due to a lack of sexual scripts. The treatment provided a new reason to explore new sexualities and sexual practices. In contacts with urology and oncology departments, they described a heteronormative environment. Albeit same-sex partners could be asked for in intake notes, no one reflected on what non-penovaginal sexuality could look like. Instead, their friends and ability to find alternative ways to valid information became important.
Conclusion: The result shows that predominantly heteronormative care exists for MSM where they had to rely on their MSM peers, but also exploring new sexual scripts.
Caring in a changing world: MSM describe care that was well-meaning but heteronormative. The men described being MSM as something that had made them explore unscripted sexual practices and had given them a broader sexual repertoire that was helpful for their sexual health. More information on sexual health is needed for healthcare personnel to care for MSM in different life situations.
Titel på värdpublikationCaring in a Changing World
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StatusPublicerad - 27 apr. 2022
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EvenemangCaring in a Changing World - Mälardalens universitet, Eskilstuna, Sverige
Varaktighet: 26 apr. 202229 apr. 2022


KonferensCaring in a Changing World


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