Quantification of cyanate in pulp mill recovery streams using ion chromatography

Nikolai De Martini, M Kymalainen, M Forssen, Mikko Hupa

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    A method for direct detn. of cyanate (OCN1-​) using ion chromatog. (IC) was applied to pulp mill recovery streams.  This was necessary, as wet chem. methods were insufficient for accurate quantification of inorg. N species in these samples.  This builds on earlier work in which an inorg. N species formed in smelt reacted to form NH3 starting in the green liquor.  This method allowed for the direct detn. of cyanate, the compd. shown to be the source of NH3 formation in pulp mill recovery streams.  The method can easily be run by labs. with an ion chromatograph equipped using a cond. detector with chem. suppressor and should not require significant effort in implementation.  Two columns were explored: the Metrosep Anion Dual 2 and the Metrosep A SUPP 3.  The Metrosep Anion Dual 2 worked quite well for cyanate, whereas the Metrosep A SUPP 3 was less applicable.
    Titel på värdpublikationInternational Chemical Recovery Conference: Changing Recovery Technology to Meet the Challenges of the Pulp and Paper Industry
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    StatusPublicerad - 2001
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    Evenemangconference; 2001-06-11; 2001-06-14 - Château Whistler Resort, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
    Varaktighet: 11 juni 200114 juni 2001


    Konferensconference; 2001-06-11; 2001-06-14

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