PUTSPACE at Unruly Landscapes (18-19 June 2020)

Jason Finch, Tauri Tuvikene (Fotograf)

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In June 2020, Tauri Tuvikene (Tallinn University) and Jason Finch (Åbo Akademi University) reflected on the connections of public transport and landscape at a conference on “Unruly Landscapes. Mobility, Transcience and Transformation” organised by CeMoRe at Lancaster University and the Centre for Mobility and Humanities at the University of Padua. Landscape as a topic and way of seeing has a long history in geographical, architectural as well as artistic scholarship. In light of the new mobilities paradigm, non-representational theory, posthumanism, the digital humanities geohumanities as well as work by visual artist, the conference found ways to see landscapes as different and counterintuitive – as unruly.
StatusPublicerad - 6 sep. 2020
MoE-publikationstypI1 Audiovisuellt material
EvenemangUnruly Landscapes: Mobility, Transience and Transformation - Lancaster University, Lancaster, Storbritannien
Varaktighet: 18 juni 202019 juni 2020


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