Nursing students’ perspective on a caring relationship in clinical supervision

Leena Honkavuo

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    Background: Nursing students spend approximately half of their time in clinical practice. It is important that clinical supervisors understand nursing students' path of learning and can support their growth and development during the different and multifaceted learning situations offered in the clinical-practice period. Objective: Based on nursing students' perspective and rooted in the didactics of caring science, to examine how a learning and constructive caring relationship between nursing students and supervisors in clinical practice can be formed. Design: Qualitative and quantitative concurrent triangulation design of mixed methods. Methods: Focus group interviews with Finnish nursing students (n = 21) in the qualitative part of the study. In the quantitative part, a closed questionnaire with closed answers was analysed using descriptive statistics. The analysis process was conducted using inductive content analysis. Ethical considerations: Ethical issues were considered throughout the research process according to ethical principles and scientific guidelines. Informed consent was obtained from the informants, confidentiality regarding the data material was guaranteed and quotations were anonymized. Results: A caring relationship between nursing students and supervisors is based on mutual respect, the ethos of responsibility, motivation, willingness and professionalism. Dignity and a caring ethical approach, where nursing students feel they belong, are recognized, seen and heard enables learning and professional development. It is also significant that the supervisor's actions and reflections are ethically defensible, equal and protect nursing students from suffering and various power relationships in clinical practice. Conclusion: A good cooperative relationship and shared responsibility between the nurse education institution, which offers theory and prepares nursing students for the encounter with clinical practice and the healthcare organizations is crucial for enabling a caring relationship in clinical supervision.
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    • Caring relationship
    • mixed methods
    • caring science


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