Mapping of Possible Pathways to Sustainable Design in Social Robotics

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It’s imperative that all sectors adapt to global warming, including technology designers and researchers exploring social robotics in healthcare. However, sustainability is a complex concept, and its operationalization mechanisms are not easily defined. In this document, we share a collaborative team reflection of possible pathways to sustainable design of an AI-augmented, socially assistive robot prototype application. Our mapping suggests that empirical and conceptual studies, within the research and design team and with stakeholders, may address all three dimensions of sustainability - environmental, economic, and social - at a micro, meso, and macro level. The map of possible pathways is neither a complete collection nor a silver bullet to a fully sustainable technological solution. Nonetheless, we hope that it furthers the discussion regarding possible ways to include sustainability as a tool in the design box and to research sustainable design in social robotics.
TypProject deliverable
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StatusPublicerad - 24 apr. 2024
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  • Hållbar design
  • Hållbarhet och AI
  • Hållbar AI
  • Indiktatorer för hållbarhet
  • Socialrobotik
  • Människa-robot interaktion
  • Apotek


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