Is the internet changing the dominant logic of marketing?

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    The marketplace has rapidly moved into the marketspace. Many companies are rushing to be present without a comprehensive strategy or without a real idea of what can or cannot be done. One of the reasons is that a paradigm shift in marketing and information technology is taking place. Moreover, the concept of a product is becoming information-based, distribution is no longer necessarily physical. Understanding the true meaning of market orientation or customer orientation becomes a key to success. We will study the changes in the meaning of two basic concepts: marketing and the product, which we view as the dominant logic of marketing. We will examine two existing models for understanding the product on the Web. Finally, we will exemplify our arguments with a product, Yritystele, which is a business-to business catalogue, that is now available as a CD-ROM (Yritystele PLUS), and on the Internet ( © 1997 Elsevier Science Ltd.
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    TidskriftEuropean Management Journal
    StatusPublicerad - 1997
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