Hydrogenation of crude and purified D-glucosone generated by enzymatic oxidation of D-glucose

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D-Fructose is an important starting material for producing furfurals and other industrially important chemicals. While the base-catalyzed and enzymatic conversion of d-glucose to d-fructose is well known, the employed methods typically provide limited conversion. d-Glucosone can be obtained from d-glucose by enzymatic oxidation at the C2 position and, subsequently, selectively hydrogenated at C1 to form d-fructose. This work describes an investigation on the hydrogenation of d-glucosone, using both chromatographically purified and crude material obtained directly from the enzymatic oxidation, subjected to filtration and lyophilization only. High selectivities towards d-fructose were observed for both starting materials over a Ru/C catalyst. Hydrogenation of the crude d-glucosone was, however, inhibited by the impurities resulting from the enzymatic oxidation process. Catalyst deactivation was observed in the case of both starting materials.

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TidskriftRSC Advances
StatusPublicerad - 18 aug. 2020
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