Furfural production from prehydrolysis kraft liquor of eucalyptus wood

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    The aim of this thesis was to evaluate furfural production in hydrolysates of Chilean Eucalyptus nitens and globulus produced by hot water extraction.  Furfural conversion efficiency was evaluated in autohydrolysis, where HCl and H2SO4 catalyzed the hydrolysis according to Tappi 223 cm-01. The hydrolysates obtained were analyzed for pH, TDS, furfural, HMF, acetic acid, and sugar composition.

    StatusPublicerad - 2014
    MoE-publikationstypG2 Masteruppsats, polyteknisk masteruppsats


    • Furfural determination
    • Biorefinery
    • Dissolving pulp
    • Xylose
    • eucalyptus

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