EU Education Policies and Third Countries. Civilian Power or "Just" Foreign Policy?

Marco Svensson La Rosa

Forskningsoutput: Typer av avhandlingarMagisteruppsatsAvhandlingar


Despite the lack of attention from academia, there are concrete examples that show an attempt to Europeanize the education policies and institutions of countries outside of the EU.

This dissertation investigates the relationship between education and foreign policy, looking at the partnership between EU and third countries. Following a social constructivist theoretical framework, the results of the expert interviews, policy analysis, and empirical cases showed that, indeed, education is closer than ever to the realm of high politics and foreign affairs. The results have shown that, the same time, the EU retains a positive image of a soft and civilian power. Can we expect a growing EU cultural diplomacy?

StatusPublicerad - 2012
MoE-publikationstypG2 Masteruppsats, polyteknisk masteruppsats


  • Cultural diplomacy
  • educational reform
  • Europeanization
  • European Union
  • Foreign and security policy

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