Design of robust heat recovery systems in paper machines

Frank Pettersson, J Soderman

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    In this work a hybrid method based on evolutionary programming and non-linear programming for the synthesis of robust and optimal heat recovery systems (HRS) for paper machines is presented. Variations and uncertainties on process parameters are modeled with probability distributions and the cost of the utilities are thus obtained as an integrated value of all different situations expected to evolve. The importance of obtaining a robust design is shown in a case study. (c) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
    Sidor (från-till)910–917
    Antal sidor8
    TidskriftChemical Engineering and Processing
    StatusPublicerad - 2007
    MoE-publikationstypA1 Tidskriftsartikel-refererad


    • genetic algorithm
    • heat recovery
    • optimization
    • paper machines
    • robust design

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