Decision Analytics – Key to Digitalization

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    The context we address is digitalisation and we want to make the case for decision analytics as one of the key drivers to both meet the challenges from big data/fast data and to work out the new possibilities we are getting to mobilise knowledge, i.e. to make tacit knowledge explicit and to make it accessible and usable for automated, intelligent systems. The use of powerful, intelligent systems is one of the relevant solutions in the digitalisation that is now spreading in industry and business. Digitalisation brings increasing competition, slimmer margins for productivity and profitability and more pronounced requirements for effective planning, problem solving and decision making. This requires a transfer of knowledge from experts and experienced people to novice system operators—and to automated, intelligent systems—a transfer we call knowledge mobilisation. We will work out reasons for why digital coaching will be a key part of knowledge mobilisation and a key step in the development of instruments we need for the progress of digitalisation.

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    TidskriftInformation Sciences
    StatusPublicerad - 2018
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