Catalytic pyrolysis of woody biomass

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    A review of the literature published between 2006 and 2009 concerning the pyrolysis of woody biomass and the catalytic upgrading of bio-​oil is presented.  The main results of our group regarding catalytic pyrolysis of woody biomass are also overviewed.  Three different methods for investigating the effect of catalysts on the catalytic pyrolysis of woody biomass were investigated.  The first method was conventional thermogravimetry, but, due to the lack of gas anal., valuable information could not be obtained by this method.  The second method of investigation was simultaneous pyrolysis and upgrading over zeolites in a fluidized bed reactor.  In the third method, the pyrolysis occurred in a fluidized bed reactor and the pyrolysis vapors were upgraded downstream over zeolites in another fluidized bed reactor.  For lab.-​scale pyrolysis, this method was the most suitable for screening of different zeolite catalysts, which was the main objective.  It was possible to deoxygenate the bio-​oil over zeolites in both fluidized bed reactor set-​ups, resulting in higher CO and water formation.
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    • catalytic pyrolysis
    • biomass
    • Woody biomass

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