Bio and Chemocatalysis for Stereo and Regioselective One-pot Reaction Applications

Otto Långvik

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    The development of cost efficient, selective and sustainable chemical processes for production of chiral building blocks is of great importance in synthetic and industrial organic chemistry. One way to reach these objectives is to carry out several reactions steps in one vessel at one time. Furthermore, when this kind of one-pot multi step reactions are catalyzed by heterogeneous chemo- and bio-catalysts, which can be separated from the reaction products by filtration, practical access to chiral small molecules for further utilization can be obtained.The initial reactions studied in this thesis are the two step dynamic kinetic resolution of rac-2-hydroxy-1-indanone and the regioselective hydrogenation of 1,2-indanedione. These reactions are then combined in a new heterogeneously catalyzed one-pot reaction sequence enabling simple recovery of the catalysts by filtration, facilitating simple reaction product isolation. Conclusively, the readily available 1,2-indanedione is by the presented one-pot sequence, utilizing heterogeneous enzyme and transition metal based catalysts, transferred with high regio- and stereoselectivity to a useful chiral vicinal hydroxyl ketone structure.Additional and complementary investigation of homogeneous half-sandwich ruthenium complexes for catalyzing the epimerization of chiral secondary alcohols of five natural products containing additional non-functionalized stereocenters was conducted. In principle, this kind of epimerization reactions of single stereocenters could be utilized for converting inexpensive starting materials, containing other stereogenic centers, into diastereomeric mixtures from which more valuable compounds can be isolated by traditional isolation techniques.
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    Tryckta ISBN978-952-12-3265-7
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    StatusPublicerad - 2015
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    • Dynamic Kinetic Resolution
    • One-Pot
    • Hydrogenation
    • Enzyme

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