Bibliometric analysis of the VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems: 2000-2020

Md Anwarul Islam, Gunilla Widen

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Purpose: VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems (VJIKMS) is one of the oldest and leading journals in the knowledge management (KM) field. The purpose of this study is to conduct bibliometrics analysis of publications published in VJIKMS for the past two decades. For doing this, this paper covered the past two decades of publications and carried out a science mapping analysis of publications. Design/methodology/approach: The methodology included bibliometrics and the science mapping analysis process. This paper imported the bibliographic information of VJIKMS from the abstract and citation database Scopus. Through bibliometrics method, this paper examined the citation results, author productivity, authorship pattern, research collaboration and other parameters of the selected publications. Afterward, this paper used VOSviewer software to carry out the science mapping of bibliometric networks. Findings: The findings showed that VJIKMS published 718 publications during 2000–2020, which got cited 4,311 times (6 times per article) till date. Joint authorship and international collaboration have been increasing where 1,417 authors from 66 countries have published. The USA, the UK and Iran lead the KM publications in this journal. Nonaka’s publications and Journal of Knowledge Management (JKM) are highly cited references and journals in the VJIKMS. Research limitations/implications: The findings of this study would help the KM students, researchers and practitioners to see the diffusion of KM globally, what are the promising areas to work and helps to know the various patterns of publications if they aim to publish in VJIKMS. Originality/value: This is the first time a bibliometric analysis has been conducted to analysis of research publications published in VJIKMS. This presents a comprehensive analysis of publications between 2000 and 2020.

Tidigt onlinedatum4 juni 2021
StatusE-pub före tryck - 4 juni 2021
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