NavisSpace - Future cruise ship experience and delivery



The cruise industry ran aground with COVID-19 and the risks regarding the future of the industry have increased. With their future at stake, uncertainty about future travel expectations, environmental concerns and financial constraints, the cruise liners need to find investments that have high probabilities to produce good returns. At the same time, the cruise industry needs to meet increasing
demands for safe and healthy traveling, and higher expectations, and stricter requirements for operating responsibly and sustainably. To achieve this, the use of the best possible information is crucial.
Suppliers with better insights into how the future of travel will look like and that succeed in adjusting their offering to meet the demands of the future can be of great value to the cruise liners. This project aims to use these two things to help the project companies to capitalize on the window of opportunity. More specifically, first, we advance methods to collect and analyze data to generate an
understanding of what the safe and sustainable future cruise experience will look like.
Kort titelNavisSpace
Gällande start-/slutdatum22/06/2228/02/24


  • Åbo Akademi (huvudsaklig)
  • Meyer Turku (Finland)
  • Kone (Finland)
  • SeaKing
  • Kudos Design
  • Aalto-Universitetet
  • PBI Research Institute


  • Business Finland

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