High-quality Measurement Infrastructure for Future Resilient Control Systems



The control system paradigm, where action is determined based on sensing, monitoring, and measuring, forms a fundamental part of our contemporary and envisioned software-intensive infrastructures. This is illustrated, for instance, by the advent of sensor networks, the growing interest in location- and context-aware computing, and the promotion of the so-called cyber-physical systems that network together computational elements with physical inputs and outputs. Measuring systems will form a critical infrastructure for decision making in novel production planning systems for many industrial sectors and therefore, the high-quality of these systems is of utmost importance. In this project, we focus on high-quality environmental measuring for future resilient control systems and study the contribution of formal methods in devising high-quality solutions. One of the novelties of our project consists in proposing measurement infrastructures for novel control methods. Measuring extends the concept of monitoring currently associated to contemporary control systems and aligns suitably with our proposed focus on environmental systems. Interoperability of environmental systems is a key feature we address, by proposing the use of a top-down, correct-by-construction method instead of the more traditional attempt to integrate various existing (and partial) solutions to interoperability. Our formal approach allows for reliable measuring that, in its turn, provides for resilient future control methods. Hence, our project aims at stretching current knowledge boundaries in a feasible manner and at providing new results to be next experimented with, for further innovations and applicability in industry.


Our plan is to validate the methods developed in this project using sensor networks, living labs, and environmental measurement and monitoring systems found among the participants of the SHOK programme. For this purpose, we are planning to form an information exchange agreement between the FResCo project and the SHOK programme to support not only the exchange of relevant information, but also prototyping and analysis of use experiences of the methods developed in the FResCo project.
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