Design of biobased extracellular matrix-mimicking scaffolds with tuneable rigidity for 3D cell culture and potential tissue engineering



    Wood-based polysaccharides, especially cellulose, which is the most abundant biorenewable material with its promising properties such as excellent mechanical strength and flexibility, biocompatibility, and environmentally friendly nature has found its potential applications in medical treatments, e.g. cell culture and tissue engineering. The ultimate goal of this multidisciplinary research project is to tailor wood biopolymers to scaffolds with different rigidity for in vitro cell culture and tissue engineering. Both wood nanocellulose and hemicelluloses will be applied. The outcomes of the project will be the foundation of a new knowledge platform, which will open up new possibilities of utilizing wood biopolymers in such novel biomedical applications as cell culture and tissue engineering.
    Gällande start-/slutdatum01/09/1631/08/20