Den nordiska folkbildningens betydelser för demokrati och kulturliv

  • Söderman, Johan (Ansvarig forskare)
  • Nordvall, Henrik (Ansvarig forskare)
  • Pastuhov, Annika (Ansvarig forskare)
  • Thøgersen, Malene (Ansvarig forskare)
  • Varkøy, Øivind (Ansvarig forskare)



The Nordic popular education tradition, with folk high schools and study associations, is often pointed out as a regional characteristic with great significance for the development of democracy in this part of the world. Research on popular education has a long history in the Nordic countries. However, it has been characterized by a national focus, despite similar popular education activities occurring in neighboring countries. This project aims to create a long-term sustainable infrastructure for Nordic research collaboration to promote and develop research on popular education in the Nordic countries, especially comparative studies.
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