5G-Advanced for Digitalization of Maritime Operations



ADMO is a joint research project with Turku University of Applied Sciences and Åbo Akademi with a strong steering board. ADMO’s goal is to support the digitalization of shipping with improved connectivity for maritime environment. ADMO focuses on the utilization of mobile networks both in ship-external and ship-internal scenarios. The role of mobile networks is often underrated in the maritime context even though they are globally available. Finland has good opportunities to lead the development due to the presence of mobile network manufacturers and companies developing digitalization of ships and fairway services. ADMO will develop a roadmap for deployment of 5G-Advanced as a part of a hybrid connectivity system for the maritime environment. The roadmap will give a description on how the connectivity of the ships should be implemented to meet the requirements for digitalized maritime operations and give a comprehensive deployment plan and overview on the future connectivity systems utilizing 5G-Advanced in maritime environment.
Kort titelADMO
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