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Personlig profil



I received my PhD in Marine Biology in 2014 from Åbo Akademi University and Roskilde University, Denmark on stress and seagrass ecology. Afterwards I continued studying how stress affects organisms, communities, populations and ecosystems during my postdoctoral studies at ETH Zürich and Eawag, Switzerland (2015-2017), Stockholm University, Sweden (2017-2019) and Åbo Akademi University (2019-2020). Currently I work as a project researcher in MAAMERI (2020-) and assess how eutrophication affects organisms in the Archipelago Sea area. I am a scientific diver (AESD).


Research interests

My research aims to understand phenotypic plasticity and how different traits evolve or are selected for during and after stress events, how stress shapes communities and how biodiversity contributes to functioning of and resilience in communities. I use benthic environments as model system to test and advance both ecological and evolutionary theory. My research addresses fundamental questions in nature that are also very relevant to management. In my research I use methods ranging from transcriptomics to community approaches, and I conduct experiments both in the field and in the laboratory.



I supervise undergraduate students at both BSc and MSc level.


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