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I received my PhD in Marine Biology at Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) in 2004. My post doc was made within the Finnish Inventory Programme for Underwater Marine Biodiversity, where ÅAU was responsible for the subproject Research and Education. Since 2017, I have been leading projects related to mapping the marine underwater nature around Åland Islands to improve true ecosystem based marine management and further to provide information for expanding the marine protected area network. Other projects I am currently responsible for are strongly related to marine ecology and eutrophication.


Research Interests:

My research interests are on the ecology and functioning of the marine environment in coastal and archipelago areas of the Baltic Sea. Initially I worked on eutrophication related issues, spanning from long term impacts of human activities in the sea areas (MSc thesis) to eutrophication induced effects on the littoral ecosystems (PhD thesis). My recent work focuses on marine mapping, spatial biology, marine management, maritime spatial planning & marine conservation, phosphorus circulation in the Archipelago Sea and algal - invertebrate interactions.



Currently I am responsible for two MSc and PhD- student courses; Maritime and Coastal Spatial Planning 5-8 ECTS and Marine monitoring (marin miljöövervakning) 5 ECTS. I am also the supervising teacher for the new students who initiated their studies in Environmental and Marine Biology in autumn 2018.

I am supervising students at BSc, MSc and PhD- level.


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