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My initial academic background is in law and economics, which I studied at the London School of Economics and the Helsinki School of Economics (now part of Aalto University), respectively. I then did a doctorate in law and economics (as a combined subject) at the University of Eastern Finland (supervised by Kalle Määttä), entitled Essays on Psychology and Morality in Economic Analysis of Law. During that time I started working at the University of Helsinki, where I also completed a second doctorate in law (a kind of de fact post-doc project, supervised by Seppo Villa), entitled The Law and Economics of Credit Default Swaps. My research has focused mainly on behavioral law and economics, law and social norms, and financial regulation. I have an ongoing project related to the role of virtues and vices in economics and law.

Gradually, my studies and interests have shifted towards theology. I began my philosophical and theological studies in the studium generale of the Prelature of Opus Dei back in 2004, and I began full-time studies in theology in 2012 at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Santa Croce) in Rome. In 2016, I was ordained to the priesthood, and continued working on my doctorate in dogmatics (supervised by Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti). In 2019, I finished my doctoral thesis entitled The Patristic and Medieval Metaphor of the Book of Nature

In 2020, I joined the theology team at the Åbo Akademi University. I am interested in patristic and medieval theology, especially Maximus the Confessor and Aquinas, as well as contemporary theology, particularly the so-called nouvelle théologie school. My ongoing research interests include the metaphor of the book of nature, virtue ethics and natural law, and the theological significance of brain lateralization and different modes of cognition.

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Docent (Law and Economics), Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki

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