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My research and teaching is interdisciplinary and treads the borderlands between philosophy and empirical historical research. In brief, my research profile rests on two connected foundations: i) Philosophy of history. In this field, my research focuses on historical explanation and understanding, the methodological distinctiveness of history, evidence and testimony; ii) Empirical research in the history of ideas. In this field my research focuses on the interplay between language, class and identity in the history of the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland during the 20th century. My research in the history of ideas is part of an interdisciplinary research project about class, language and national identity funded by the Kone Foundation. 

I hold the Title of Docent in Philosophy from Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU). During the past five years, I have held visiting research fellowships at Harvard University and Södertörn University. I have experience of academic teaching in both history and philosophy as University Teacher (universitetslärare) at ÅAU.

Besides my academic research, I concurrently work within non-formal adult education. I was managing director (verksamhetsledare) of the organisation Folkets Bildningsförbund r.f., 2010-2020, an association organizing public discussion about philosophical, social and cultural issues.  At present, I am adviser (sakkunnig) for Svenska folkskolans vänner r.f., within a project about contemporary challenges for non-formal adult education.


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