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I am a doctoral candidate in Psychology and part of the Solutions for Health research profile. My dissertation has the working title: Low Mate Access and Anti-Immigration Tendencies.

My research focuses on individual variation in anti-immigration tendencies, such as discrimination and negative attitudes towards immigration. I am interested in why some people develop and display negative immigration attitudes, while others do not, and some immigrants are discriminated against and exposed to more negative immigration attitudes than others. My aim is to implement evolutionary social psychological theory as a way of understanding the complex processes behind the individual development of anti-immigration tendencies. My research builds on previous literature on this topic by introducing a novel aspect in the individual development of anti-immigration tendencies—intrasexual competition over romantic and/or sexual mates.

I am also interested in climate change- and environmental psychology. As a graduate student, I was a course coodinator for and involved in the creating of a course on Climate Change and Psychology. I have also worked as a Research Assistant in both forensic- and evolutionary psychology projects.

I have a Masters in Psychology from Åbo Akademi University and a Bachelor in Social psychology from the University of Helsinki. I am also a licensed psychologist in Finland.

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