SimuShips - A High Resolution Simulation Dataset for Ship Detection with Precise Annotations



Availability of domain-specific datasets is a challenge for object detection. In particular, conducting onsite experiments is risky and time-consuming for the maritime domain. It is not always possible to capture challenging situations and incorporate variations in the environment. Therefore, we present a simulation-based dataset for maritime environments consisting of 9471 high-resolution (1920x1080) images resembling the real world with precise annotations.

The dataset was acquired using a simulation tool, AILiveSim. AILiveSim is a 3D simulation platform for targeted scalable development and integration of autonomous systems through digital twins. The tool provides a realistic 3D model of the route of the watercraft extended from the city of Turku to Ruisalo in South-West Finland.

Our dataset incorporates diversity of objects, weather, illumination, visible proportion and scale in images that resemble the real world.
Datum då datat gjorts tillgängligt24 aug. 2022

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