Keratin 7 in inflammatory bowel disease

  • Lauri Polari (Skapad av)
  • Diana Toivola (Handledare)
  • Mervi Tenhami (Skapad av)
  • Markku Voutilainen (Skapad av)
  • Markku Kallajoki (Skapad av)



This dataset includes numerical research data collected from patient biopsy analysis and their clinical characteristics. We have studied the expression of keratin 7 in four colonic diseases, both in tissue and cellular level, and disease associated pathological changes. All data is anonymous.

Abbreviations used in data: Pnnn = patient code, UC = ulcerative colitis, CD = Crohn's disease, LC = lymphocytic colitis, CC = collagenous colitis, H = healthy control. The current files consist of .xlsx files with numerical research data.

Results based on this data are published in 10.1038/s41598-022-26603-2
Datum då datat gjorts tillgängligt20 sep. 2022
FörlagMinistery of Education and Culture

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