Fluorescence microscopy, image analysis and quantitative PCR data underlying the publication “Engineered patterns of Notch ligands Jag1 and Dll4 elicit differential spatial control of endothelial sprouting”

  • Laura Tiemeijer (Eindhoven University of Technology) (Skapad av)
  • Tommaso Ristori (Skapad av)
  • Oscar Stassen (Eindhoven University of Technology) (Skapad av)
  • Jaakko Ahlberg (Skapad av)
  • Jonne J.J. de Bijl (Skapad av)
  • Christopher S. Chen (Skapad av)
  • Katie Bentley (Skapad av)
  • Carlijn V.C. Bouten (Skapad av)
  • Cecilia Sahlgren (Skapad av)



Spatial regulation of angiogenesis is important for the generation of functional engineered vasculature and the Notch ligands Jag1 and Dll4 are known to regulate endothelial sprouting. In this project, in vitro and in silico models were used to analyze the ability of micropatterned Jag1 and Dll4 to spatially control the sprouting process. Dll4 patterns, but not Jag1 patterns, were found to elicit spatial control and computational simulations suggest different timing of Notch activation by Jag1 and Dll4 to be the reason for their distinct effects. The more potent spatial control of sprouting by Dll4 in comparison to Jag1 could be exploited as a tool in vascular engineering and regenerative medicine.

This dataset contains data from in vitro experiments on endothelial sprouting with human endothelial cells and micropatterned Jag1 and Dll4 ligands.
Datum då datat gjorts tillgängligt6 maj 2022

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