Språköverskridande undervisningssamarbete på olika stadier i en tvåspråkig kontext

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Cross-language collaboration at different levels of education in a bilingual setting

We present a three-year action research -oriented project where researchers together with teachers in ECEC and basic education in a bilingual city in Finland collaborate to develop, document and disseminate innovative pedagogical methods in cross-language practices and language-aware teaching. The umbrella project entails four different levels of education, ranging from early childhood education to upper secondary school, and brings together teacher teams from Finnish- and Swedish-medium educational settings to cooperate and teach across languages and curriculum. Although the development project focuses on language-aware teaching, the teachers involved in the project are not language teachers.
The data presented in this study predominantly consists of audio- and video recordings of individual teacher teams’ and teacher-researchers’ collegial planning and preparation of cross-language and cross-curricular activities, the execution of planned activities, and reflective and evaluative post discussions. Across the four levels of education, the researchers have, in their data-driven analyses inductively identified three activity-related issues that (re)occur in the collected data, i.e. security, content, and language. In this presentation, we aim to illustrate how the three different aspects interplay in the mind-sets of the teachers. We showcase how the teachers orient towards their students’ communicative needs and willingness to communicate in activities involving both new peers and new languages.
Period9 juni 2021
HändelsetitelExploring language education (ELE) 2021
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsOslo, NorgeVisa på karta