NERA pre-conference: SIG Post-approaches to Education

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Dear all members of NERA Network 22 Post-approaches to Education

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 2022 pre-conference for NERA in in Reykjavik, Iceland. May 31. – June 1.

But how do you do? – Theoretical and analytical involvement in post-approaches to educational research

We invite junior (PhD/doctoral students) and senior scholars interested in, curious or critical about, post-approaches to education to join the pre-conference. The purpose of the pre-conference is to strengthen research networks around post-approaches to education in Nordic countries and provide opportunities for academic discussions between PhD/doctoral students and seniors.

This year’s pre-conference theme is theoretical and analytical involvement within post-approaches in educational research. Doing post-qualitative research means becoming theoretically and analytically involved, but how do we make sense of these messy processes? How do we do post-qualitative research? What may these processes look like and how may they unfold? How is it that we do analysis? For this year’s pre-conference theme, we seek to explore issues of theoretical and analytical involvement.

During the pre-conference, we invite PhD students and senior researchers to share in how it is we become theoretically and analytically involved as post-qualitative educational researchers. We ask all who are interested to join the pre-conference to send an abstract (250 words) that includes practical examples of how you do theoretical and analytical involvement in your study and question(s) you would like to discuss during the pre-conference. During the roundtable discussions you briefly present your abstract (appr. 10 minutes). The suggested readings are included to support posthuman researchers to make sense of the post-qualitative approaches.

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