Green Maritime Corridors

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A conference on Green Maritime Corridors for industry representatives, policy makers and researchers, where we will discuss how we can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the shipping industry by focusing on one maritime corridor at a time.


The shipping industry is responsible for a significant amount of global emissions and taking action to address this issue is essential. However, the high cost of renewable fuels and the significant investments needed at hand, makes emission mitigation in shipping the greatest challenge ever faced. New business models and technological solutions are needed enabling companies in the logistic chain to capitalize and gain competitive advantage from low-emission shipping and to make the necessary investments.

Green maritime corridors are considered an answer that brings together cargo owners, shipowners, fuel suppliers, and technology providers in a way that enables an economically sustainable transition to low-emission shipping one route at a time.

The aim of this conference is to bring together companies within the industry to discuss how we can collaborate and develop sustainable solutions for specific corridors. By focusing on one corridor at a time, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of sustainable solutions, establish best practices, and inspire others to follow. This approach can generate significant environmental benefits while also creating new business opportunities and increasing efficiency.
Period31 aug. 2023
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsTurku, FinlandVisa på karta