Creating Time in Narrative Nonfiction

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The proposed series of events (including lectures and a one-day workshop) seeks to account for the recent popularity of narrative nonfiction, from fact-based/true crime podcasts to the deceptively real cinéma verité (including “docudramas”). The organizers are interested in how certain aspects of our immediate reality—for instance familiar places and events—are portrayed in stories advertised as “real”: the emphasis on authenticity appeals to the bias that “real stories” have more intrinsic worth than fiction, particularly when the latter term is associated with “fake news.” But such clear-cut distinctions between fiction and fact are not always logically deduced; the perceived value of “real stories” may be derived, instead, from popular preconceptions relating to certain familiar spatial and temporal experiences. In narrative nonfiction, though, familiar and unfamiliar (i.e. marginalized) social experiences stand one next to another, such that narrative time becomes rather more inclusive.

Generally speaking, we wish to examine how veracity—a new kind of literariness comparable to but different from realism—is usually established in contemporary literature; but we will focus on non-fictional documentations of time as relating to cultures, nation(-alism)s and, correspondingly, spaces, especially where conflicts and contradictions arise.

The events are funded by the Åbo Akademi University Foundation.
Period5 maj 2023
Typ av evenemangWorkshop
PlatsTurku , FinlandVisa på karta