2021 Åbo-Aurum Open Symposium on Waste Management and Recycling

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   One of the challenges in the recycling economy is the very low collection rate of equipment at their end-of-life for proper recycling. The prevailing materials and energy recovery processes also need to be advanced to attain higher recycling efficiency. To address these challenges, improving waste management practices and promoting innovative recovery of resources from waste streams are essential.
   Some cities in Europe including Turku has signed the EU Green City Accord, an initiative to make cities greener, cleaner, and healthier. Sustainable technological developments to convert municipal waste to energy and efficient recovery and reutilization of valuable materials will eventually enable to attain the goals set by the initiative. This open symposium facilitates open discussions, sharing of new concepts and technical data, and networking opportunities that would have an impact on commitment of the cities to address some of the environmental issues related to waste streams. Topics include:
✅Waste management and valorization
✅Pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical aspects of improved recycling technologies
✅Adaptive materials recovery and extraction processes
✅Energy Efficiency Improvement in Process Engineering (e.g., for biomass conversion and improved combustion)
✅Advances in waste-to-energy technologies
✅Power plant and waste incineration ashes utilization and recovery of resources
✅Waste heat recovery and other industrial energy efficient technologies
✅Emission control including CO2 capture and storage
      💚Sponsored by: Open Science at Åbo Akademi University and Laboratory of Molecular Science and Engineering (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Åbo Akademi University). 📝 Supporting PublicationJOM (Springer Nature): Energy Efficiency and Low CarbonFootprint in Metals Processing: https://www.tms.org/portal/downloads/publications/jom/editorialCalendar/2105.pdf   


Sponsored by Open Science at Åbo Akademi University. Link to the symposium flyer: Microsoft PowerPoint - Öbo_Aurum Schedule October 1 (abo.fi)
Period8 okt 2021
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsTurku, Finland