Transparency Driven Public Sector Innovation: Smart Waterways and Maritime Traffic in Finland

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    Finland is set to take the lead in developing maritime digitalization and autonomous shipping. This transformation rests on transparency efforts by Finnish government, characterized by participatory democracy and co-creation of services in public sector, the end of innovation deficit in public services through introduction of dedicated innovation budgets and open data movement for re-usability purposes. The research employs action research methodology and aims to analyse two forms of transparency driven innovation that took place during 2016–2018 as part of waterway digitalisation initiative by Finnish Transport Agency: ‘Open Data Innovation’ as opening up government processes and data and ‘Open Door Innovation’ approach as transforming service delivery. Both approaches initially resulted in number of innovative services, unintended consequences occurred in later stages of digitalization phase due to the lack of interest from businesses and greater public. We conclude with lessons learned and share recommendations for government to succeed in digitalizing one of the most conservative industries.
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    OtsikkoInformation Systems
    ToimittajatMarinos Themistocleous, Paulo Rupino da Cunha
    ISBN (elektroninen)978-3-030-11395-7
    ISBN (painettu)978-3-030-11394-0
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    TilaJulkaistu - 2018
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    TapahtumaEuropean, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern Conference - 15th European, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern Conference
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    KonferenssiEuropean, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern Conference
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